The best marketing trend I have seen so far in 2016

Every new year seems to come up with a term or two describing a new concept that promises to change the landscape of marketing and business forever. However, there are always some concepts that remain with time and prove their importance, while others disappear as quickly as how they appear and are often referred to as “buzz words”.

So, the question now as we are already starting 2016 is what marketing trends have done well so far?

Because if they are truly effective marketing ideas and tactics, we are better off paying close attention to them in order to get ahead in the game.

As one makes a quick search on the internet, it is quite easy to find many articles and answers regarding the marketing trend of the year. For example, onBOOSTtheNEWS, there are different predictions regarding the future of 2016, for example, “the year of bigger, braver, bolder content”,  ” the year of live streaming”, “the year of online shows”, “the year of improving online ads”. For me, among all the predictions, what I have seen so far is the rise of real-time content marketing: the marketing trend of 2016.

Why do I have this kind of feelings? 

Since the emergence of Facebook and Twitter, we have seen the true potential of consumer-generated stories. Facebook is like a big platform for people to update and share their stories. People are attracted to the feeling of connecting with friends wherever they are.

I can see what my friends did today, where they went, what made them happy.

Twitter, on the other hand, have done a great job of keeping on-going conversations around hot topics and issues.

People feel more like connected in real time with friends through their conversations.

However, nowadays, it seems that people just don’t feel enough with knowing what people did or what people are saying.

The concept of watching exactly what people are doing and what people are experiencing in real time is so attractive that Periscope, Blab and other similar apps have been earning insanse word-of-mouth these days.

Through some of my initial experience with these apps, I feel that Periscope has done a great job of connecting experience regardless of geography.


Everybody can be a news reporter or a travel blogger easily with Periscope’s user-friendly interface. And this is not only attractive to users because they can watch real-time experience. This is also undoubtedly attractive to business to reveal behind-the-scene, office view or a typical customer experience with the brand. Even though this app still has a limited presence in Asia and Europe, I can see the future here. Just take an example in tourism, this app can totally change how people capture travelling experience, which is totally inexpensive for tourist agencies to offer real-time interesting what-to-do in their destinations.


Blab would be kind of different in terms of the discussion format it adopts. Everybody here can become a reality show host with catchy topics. It is a really great way to build our online presence and reputation by interacting with visitors who are interested in us and our topics in a truly authentic real-time discussion. After the event is completed, we can even upload the whole discussion on Youtube as a podcast, which is such a creative way for marketers to publish contents. I have read some reviews from active users here, and many of them agreed that Blab helped them widen their social and professional network amazingly. This is definitely worth trying for people who want to discover interesting topics and people around the world in no “dead-time” or pre-recorded formats.

Indeed, the rest of 2016 is still there to explore soon if real-time content marketing can rock the world. For now, the idea of connecting with people in real time through authentic live streaming videos seems appealing to me.

What’s about your predictions for 2016?

Do you agree with my ideas? Or would you add any? I would love to hear more from you and join the discussion that will shape the marketing landscape this year!

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