What you have missed in your trip to Vietnam: Nha Trang

These days, when my dream of coming to the land of Santa Claus come true, I have always felt so happy to experience this first winter in Finland. However, occasionally, I would feel a little nostalgic towards Nha Trang city, the place where I call home.

Nha Trang is a very small coastal city in the South Central Coast of Vietnam. Contrary to its size, the city’s reputation extends far beyond the national fame. Among the world’s most beautiful bays, Nha Trang Bay attracts millions of tourists every year. From my personal experience, the feeling when you see the sun gradually rise from below the horizon is indescribable through photos and tourist guidance alone. The best feeling is when the gentle waves naughtily massage your foot as if consoling yourself: “Everything is going to be ok when the sun rises.” All my childhood memories are there and forever tied with the sweet feeling sitting behind my father’s back on our motorcycle riding along the seaside. If you have a chance to visit my hometown, you can experience what I am saying here: the intimacy between nature and people is twisted upon the beautiful landscape and the fresh air from the sea.

For a little feeling of wonder and mystery, the city is always the first city in Vietnam to catch the sunlight every morning. It is also the only place in Vietnam where storms had never reached since the time people could remember, despite the fact that it is a coastal city in Vietnam – the country with typhoons visiting all year round. Many believed that this was due to the protection of the Godmother in Ponagar Temple – one of the most popular tourist attractions here in the city – that had been preventing any powerful forces from hurting the beautiful yet vulnerable life of this city.

And if you do visit our hometown, do not forget the special delicacies. The authentic mix of tastes and flavors from all regions across Vietnam can be found here. Grilled fermented pork roll (Nem nuong), Rice vermicelli with grilled fish and jellyfish (Bun cha ca), Can cake (Banh can) and seafood are the must-try dishes if you happen to come here. I am also more than happy to show you around this lovely city. Pristine beaches, delicious food and genuine hospitality would surely leave you with unforgettable memories in every corner you may find here.


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