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Digital detox: These 3 rules make me feel better in front of the computer

3 rules for digital detox

If you are like me who get scared by all the bad findings of the harmful effects of technology, and yet still can’t stay away from your laptop the whole day to give yourself a break, you seriously need a digital detox. But how?
For sure, we can’t absolutely become immune to harmful effects from technologies (unless we give up technology completely!). But we can reduce these impacts to the least by following these 3 rules below, which I have experienced myself and have received a wonderful improvement in terms of mental and physical wellness.

#1: create a distance from the electronic devices.

Science has found that electronics produce electromagnetic fields (EMFs), which can harm our health tremendously. However, this detrimental exposure tends to reduce as the distance from the emitting source increases.

Therefore, in daytime, for mobile phone, it is always a better idea to text than to call, to use speakerphone and headphone than to speak directly through the phone. and to keep our mobile phones in the bag than to keep them in the pocket. Most importantly, a long phone call is extremely harmful, hence, keep it short. In case using a laptop, it is worth noticing that EMF is higher when the laptop is plugged in, so it would be a good idea to take a break from the computer when it is being charged. And putting the laptop on our lap is undoubtedly never a good idea, especially when it is being charged.

In night time, I always try to stop my computer work one hour before sleep. In this way, I can help prevent the blue lights of electronics from disrupting my biological clock and hindering my sleep. The sleep is one of the most important natural detox processes every day. Therefore, it is of utmost importance that we can get good enough sleep for the day.
Before going to sleep, don’t forget to turn off all the Wifi router and devices at night. If this seems too difficult, at least, we need to keep the Wifi router as far from us as possible. Also, turn the wifi devices to airplane mode, so that we can minimize their impacts on our health.

#2: take a break every hour between our screen times.

In my experience, increased screen time caused depression, bad sleep, bad mood and weak metabolism. Hence, I decided to schedule different alarms in my mobile phones for a break. Most of the time, we tend to forget how long we have been working, and this is absolutely not good for our mental and physical health.

During this time, we can do some stretching, meditation, yoga or qigong. Indeed, according to some qigong documents, thirty minutes of meditation is worth 2 hours of sleeping to our body. I started this routine a few months ago, and I have not felt that sleepy all day long. For people who need to work in the office, it is always useful to have some breathing practices that can bring our bodies back to balance.

Or you can take this break to splash some water on face and put on some sunscreen cream to prevent your face from being irritated by the computer radiation. In the past, my face was always unreasonably hot after using the computer for a while. Now, after this water splashing break and a little sunscreen cream on my face, I always feel so refreshed and energetic to continue working.

#3: add small daily habits to our schedule for a better immune sýtem.

Drink a cup of tea in the daytime. Tea was discovered to contain chemical compounds including polyphenol that help absorb radiance. Besides, the antioxidants and vitamin C in tea do not only help eliminate free radicals but also help fight depression and stress. That’s one of the many reasons why tea is the number one health tip in general. Also, according to the Eastern medicine, green mung beans can help people detox effectively. Hence, it’s never a bad idea to add this item regularly to your meal. Finally, put a cup of water or a small flowerpot on your desk. In this way, it can help absorb partly the computer radiation.

At the time writing the last part of this post, I am just back from a short cycling break. This is one of my favorite routines to protect myself from hours working on the computer. For me, as a business student and a millennial, it’s hard to imagine a day without my computer and the internet.

Maybe it’s a terrible thing. Maybe it’s a signal that I need a digital detox. And maybe you need it too.

Keeping ourselves safe and sound from all the technologies is not easy. I know because I have experienced it myself and have talked to other friends who have too. That’s why I want to write this post to share with you what I have been doing to maintain a healthy life with technology.

How’s about you?

Do you have your own special tips in working with technologies and protecting yourself at the same time? Let me know more about it in the comments.